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New Hope Pride 2017

New Hope PrideOur Annual Pride Parade, (May 17, 2014), is the keystone of the festival. It personifies our diversity by featuring colorful bands, floats, and specialty troupes while bringing together organizations of service, politics, youth, schools and churches. From noon to 1:00 pm all of these folks “strut their stuff” through town, with enthusiasm, gusto, sincerity and just plain good fun. It’s a party given by NHC, but the invitation is open to all. New Hope, PA; May 14-21, 2017

New Hope Pride 2017


New Hope Celebrates brings people together to share in a celebration of our history, diversity and the inclusiveness of our community.


As a voice for our local LGBTA community we strive to achieve our vision where society is free of prejudice, discrimination, and hate, within our community, and across our borders.



We inspire locals and visitors through creative ideas, events, art, entertainment, and the talents of everyone in our diverse community.


We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone, bringing people together to share as one community.


We open our arms and hearts welcoming everyone as we create a sense of belonging and shared a purpose. Working with other local non-profit groups for the greater good of the community.


We are dedicated to promoting our communities as a culturally diverse destination not just for the LGBT community, but for all who believe in equality. We plan for the growth of our organization to ensure that future generations can know our history and celebrate with Pride.


Seasons of Pride is pleased to present the Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride Calendar for 2017.  You will find Gay Pride events, LGBT Film Festivals, and the Gay Travel Events like Gay Ski Weeks. We do our best to try and keep up with all the events, but sometimes we miss one or two.

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to info@seasonsofpride.com

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2017 Pride Calendar

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