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Lisbon Bear Pride 2017

Lisbon Bear Pride – An international encounter for bears and friends in the spectacular city of Lisbon. Parties and fun with optional gastronomic and cultural experiences. Lisbon, Portugal; May 31 – Jun 5, 2017

Lisbon Bear Pride 2017

Um encontro internacional para ursos e amigos, em Lisboa.
Festas e diversão com varias opções de experiências gastronomicas e culturais.

Una reunión internacional para los osos y amigos, en la maravillosa ciudad de Lisboa.
Fiestas y diversión con la opción de experiencias culturales y gastronómicas.

Antonio Marcos – Eddy Van Wallendael are the proud owners of the BAR TR3S LISBON, and started organizing the Lisbon Bear Pride Event in 2012. Since then the event has got bigger, leading more bears to this fantastic city each year

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