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Houston Splash 2017

  • Houston Splash – the #1 black gay pride organization in the south. Celebrating more than 20 years of active service to our community. Houston, TX; May 4-8, 2017
  • Houston Splash 2017

Houston Splash is a premiere urban LGBT event for the Southern United states. Houston Splash caters to African-American and Latino LGBT men and women from across the country. Ever year Houston Splash hosts more than 7,500 guests from varying segments of the LGBT community.

Houston Splash is hosted by Derick Miles, Sean Dawson along with Loud Inc. Loud Inc. is a Texas based Non-profit 501 C (3) community-based organization. Loud Inc.’s mission is to improve the cultural, environment, medical and social health of gay men, lesbian and transgender people of African descent through a variety of programs and services. The opportunity for LOUD INC. and Houston Splash to join together made logical sense. Partnering two organizations dedicated to the mental, health, financial, and emotional progression of LGBT people of color.

Houston Splash is the driving force behind Houston’s annual Black Gay Pride Celebration taking place during the month of May for over 19 years now. Splash was originally celebrated as the opening day of Galveston Beach a popular Texas beach about 45 minutes outside of Houston. Eventually, more and more of the LGBT community joined in the event. A group of friends came together to throw a celebration on the beach, and a tradition was born. In 1995, Derick Miles and the late Clifford Hunter eventually took the event from being a single day into what is now one of the Nation’s Top Pride Destinations sharing the spotlight with Sizzle Miami, Atlanta Pride, and DC Black Pride.


2017 Pride Leadership Conference

The Center for Black Equity (CBE) has convened a meeting of our membership fourteen times since 1999. The objectives of this meeting are to map out advocacy and organizations priorities for the Black LGBTQ community in the United States through best practices and bringing together subject experts. Every December, the CBE surveys each member organization to ascertain their organizational priorities and needs, and advocacy issues for the forthcoming year. The CBE takes the top local priorities and overlays these with our national priorities to develop a meeting agenda which encompasses both local and national priorities.

The convening usually takes place just before a Black Pride event (Houston Splash in 2017) and consist of two days joint workshops lead by subject experts with one or two breakout session per day. The CBE 2017 national agenda will include Strategies to Increase Financial Stability in the Black LGBTQ Community; Understanding and Addressing LGBTQ Elder Issues; Removing the Community Taboos to Accessing Mental Health Services in the Black LGBTQ Community and Making the Case for PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for men and women. Additional agenda items will be added after collating the membership survey results.

Meeting Participants:

Meeting participants will be representing Black Prides and POC CBOs from the following cities: Boston; Albany, NY; Rochester, NY; NYC; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Raleigh/Durham; Charlotte; Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC: Atlanta; Jacksonville, FL; Gainesville, FL; Orlando; South Florida (Ft Lauderdale/Miami), Jackson, MS, New Orleans; Memphis; Nashville; Little Rock, AK; Lexington, KY; Cleveland; Pittsburgh; Columbus; Cincinnati; Detroit; Indianapolis; Chicago; Milwaukee; Twin Cities, MN; St. Louis; Kansas City, MO: Denver; Omaha, NE; Austin, TX; Dallas; Houston; San Antonio, TX

Download the 2017 Conference Schedule

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Houston Splash 2017

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