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Harlem Pride – Our mission is to advocate for, educate, promote, and unite Harlem’s Same Gender Loving/LGBT individuals, organizations and supporters in cultivating a sense of honor, dignity and respect for our diverse culture and community. We adopted the use of “Same-gender-loving”, or “SGL” to be inclusive of the identities of members of our Harlem community. It is a term coined for African American use by activist Cleo Manago, and is a description for homosexuals and bisexuals, particularly in the African American community. It emerged in the early 1990s as a culturally affirming African American homosexual/bisexual identity. Harlem, NYC; June 10-25, 2016

Harlem Pride 2016

Come out and join us for all of our Harlem Pride 2016 events!
We are in our seventh year and going strong.

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Harlem Pride 2016

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