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DÜSSEL-CUP 2017 Düsseldorf’s gay and lesbian sporting event

The DÜSSEL-CUP – Düsseldorf’s gay and lesbian sporting event. The Düssel-Cup is organized by four clubs: VC Phönix, Düsseldorf Dolphins, Weiberkram and TSC conTAKT. Around 700 participants come from all over Europe to Düsseldorf to participate in 11 sporting disciplines including swimming, volleyball, basketball, dancing, soccer, badminton, and running. Düsseldorf, Germany; Apr 7-9, 2017

To take advantage of the get-together of delegates of the European LGBTIQA*Sportsclubs there will be an international conference prior to the AGA as such. The topic of the conference will be „Migration and Diversity“ and will discuss ways, how sports can be a way to encounter –partly- culturally anchored Homo- and Transphobia.

DÜSSEL-CUP 2017 Düsseldorf’s gay and lesbian sporting event

The DÜSSEL-CUP has been running for 10 years now and has more than realized its goal of being an established gay and lesbian sporting event. The DÜSSEL-CUP was created in the spirit of making friends in an arena that offers fair competition for those who are athletically ambitious as well as for those for who prioritise the fun of competition.

Participation of heterosexual athletes is obviously in keeping with the spirit of inclusion that the DÜSSEL-CUP welcomes.

The athletic competitions, along with the social opportunities that the Friday registration, Saturday evening athletes’ party, and the Sunday farewell brunch offer, provide Düssel-Cup participants with a lifetime of memories, friends and good times.

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is the celebration of who we are.  Pride allows us to take a stand against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and to promote self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increased visibility, build community while we celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

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