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CSD Karlsruhe 2017

CSD Karlsruhe“The Christopher Street Day makes diversity visible. Just Karlsruhe as a city of law, including the fundamental rights and human rights, represents the mutual appreciation, which forms the basis of our society”, said Susanne Baer. We especially want to show how diverse and colorful is the queer life in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area. Karlsruhe, Germany; June 3, 2017

CSD Karlsruhe 2017

The highlights of the CSD are

  • The CSD pride parade through the center of Karlsruhe, where the different groups and initiatives of the region can be presented,
  • The demonstration following the CSD pride parade,
  • The whole day CSD family celebration on the Stephansplatz with food and drink, stage program, children’s entertainment and infostations of the regional scene,

In the week before the CSD weekend as well as around the CSD weekend, there will be a diverse program.


Under the motto “Bunte Liebe statt brauner Hass!’ (Colorful love instead of hatred!) Starts the CSD  pride parade 2017 on 3 June at 2 pm at the Stephanplatz. After 4 pm a demonstration will be held at the CSD family festival at Stephansplatz.

Here is the tracked course. As a result of construction sites and other uncertainties, changes in the course of the route can occur in the short term (even during the parade). It is best to be at Stephanplatz at 2 pm and follow the pride parade.

Scheduled route of the Demoparade: Stephansplatz – Waldstraße – Kaiserstraße – Adlerstraße – Markgrafenstraße – Erbprinzenstraße – Waldstraße – Stephansplatz

Show that you belong to it! Run with us – alone or with your queer group. Individuals can, of course, join the pride parade without registration. For the participation in the pride parade as a group, however, we ask you to register via our registration form. Registration is free of charge for groups of feet.


The entire CSD Saturday (June 3) will be held in the middle of Karlsruhe’s inner city on the Stephansplatz behind the post office a festival for the whole family – from 11 am to 10 pm.

An extensive stage program, food, and drink, over a dozen information, stands as well as a bouncy castle for the children makes the festival a real family event and bring the CSD so in the middle of the Karlsruhe population.

Do you belong to a noncommercial queer group, which would like to present itself with a small information at the CSD family celebration of the community? Since the CSD family celebration is already well-provided for the physical well-being, the sale of food or drinks at the stands is possible only after consultation with us and only in exceptional cases. Please register here: Online registration form

Stage, artists, festivities, toilets, etc. cause high costs for this free party. Please understand that consumption of food and drink is not allowed on the tables. Our stands for food and drink offer a rich offer.

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CSD Karlsruhe 2017

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