To engage with all members of the LBGTI community and to take that community to a wider audience.


To provide a conduit for expression and celebration of the LGBTI community through the presentation of events and festivals across the year and across the region.  These events will:
•    Maximize broad community involvement in the Daylesford, Hepburn and regional areas
•    Assist in the economic growth of the region through tourism and promotion
•    Be responsive to the changing LGBTI community demographics
•    Encourage and plan for excellence in performance, arts and event delivery
•    Be inclusive while addressing the needs of individual community and cultural groups


To advocate in the region for LGBTI inclusion, overcoming the isolation of the community by showcasing the best of the community.


To ensure ChillOut’s future development, viability, and long-term sustainability.


To attract positive and responsive promotion for the region, the LGBTI community and the events which we present.