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Berlin Festival of Lights 2017

Festival of Lights – The BERLIN FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is one of the largest and best-known illumination festivals and public events in the world. It takes place each year in October, where for 12 consecutive nights, Berlin’s world-famous landmarks, cultural monuments, historical buildings, streets and other locations become transformed through light, projections, and events. Extraordinary illuminations, light projections, and light objects are presented by many local and international lighting artists.

Working with light is still an emerging form of artistic and cultural expression, and the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS offers a unique platform for visual artists. The festival includes different special events such as „OpenCity“ (arts & culture), “LightRun” (fitness), „Jazz in the ministry gardens“ (music), and Sunday sales in shopping centers (shopping & more).

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is also an active partner in charity events presented and organized by the “City Stiftung Berlin” Oct 6-15, 2017

Das Festival of Lights macht wieder Station im Nikolaiviertel. Der Marstall und die Nikolaikirche werden erneut zum Schauplatz beeindruckender Videoinstallationen. Hier findert Ihr laufend aktuelle Informationen und neue Facts über diese Inszenierungen sowie auch viele andere im Festival of Lights.

Nikolaiviertel ist nicht Veranstalter dieses Events, hier geht es zum Veranstalter/Originalevent: https://www.facebook.com/FestivalOfLights/

Berlin Festival of Lights 2017

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