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2017 CSD Magdeburg

CSD Magdeburg – The Christopher Street Day (CSD) is a party, commemoration, and demonstration by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. In Magdeburg, it is celebrated for many years – as a colorful and peaceful demonstration for equal rights and against their discrimination and exclusion. Magdeburg, Germany; Aug 11-26, 2017

Der Christopher Street Day (CSD) ist ein Fest-, Gedenk- und Demonstrationstag von und für Lesben, Schwule, Bisexuelle und Transgender. In Magdeburg wird er seit vielen Jahren gefeiert – als bunte und friedliche Demonstration für ihre Gleichberechtigung und gegen ihre Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung.

2017 CSD Magdeburg

Over 10 years CSD in Magdeburg – a retrospective


In the GDR, CSD’s were not possible according to the model customary in West Germany. On the occasion of this day, from the mid-eighties onwards, organized by the Homosexuality Working Groups in the Evangelical Church, wreaths were held in the Buchenwald concentration camp, mostly under intensive scrutiny by the Ministry of State Security. The wreaths, however, often did not last long.

In the 1990s there were various attempts, initiated by the Lesbian and Schools’ Political Roundtable, to commemorate a joint CSD in Saxony-Anhalt, which was to move between the three larger cities of Magdeburg, Halle and Dessau. According to this model, a CSD took place twice in Magdeburg city center.

However, since the coordination between the cities did not work,
the idea of initiating a street festival every year in Liebigstraße came at the end of the nineties. The first Liebigstraße festival, for which the name “CSD in Magdeburg” was soon used, was celebrated in 2000 as a mixture between culture, festivity, and politics.

Already from the beginning, the road festival had been preceded by a previous action, theme and festival week. With one exception – in 2008, the CSD had to fail for financial reasons – according to this concept, CSD’s were held regularly in Magdeburg. Initially worn by the Association Gay-Men’s-Club, the sponsor changed to the LSVD in 2009, after the former carrier was in the dissolution process. In 2009, the garden of the Frauenzentrum Courage in the Volksbad Buckau was wiped out to save costs. The first CSD demo, also known as the Magdeburg Parade, took place in 2010.

In October 2011, however, the structure behind the CSD changed. On October 5, 2011, CSD Magdeburg eV was founded as a subsidiary of the LSVD Sachsen-Anhalt and took over from then on the planning of the CSD. This step was taken to decouple the CSD primarily financially from the other work of the LSVD.

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2017 CSD Magdeburg

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